This Is My Body

I refute the cultural determinant that tells me
how I should Look to be attractive.
How on Earth can I be in my body
if I'm Looking at me from over there,
and through somebody else's eyes?

Not Looking from the outside in,
comfortable in my skin,
is how I Feel.

Comfortable and relaxed and soft and delicious.
I'm attractive to myself.
I attract My own attention.
A powerful magnet that increases its momentum.

My awareness brought inside,
I am present,
To how it Feels,
To be in relationship,
With the world 
From this side of the lens,
From inside the vessel,
From this side of the bars.

But I'm not trapped
This is the Freedom side!

I Feel from the inside:
Folds of flesh,

Creases and scars
Of a life lived close-up,
Honest in its imperfection.

A distorted tree,
Hyper-real with living wisdom,
It supports an entire forest of diversity.
Creatures thrive upon it.