Becoming River

Body responds as unspeakable longing,
a wretched ‘almost’ pulls
on my organs, belly and breasts

in an urge to merge ache for a
Death throe surrender 
to the heart of the River -
visceral and holy communion 
with a vast, formless, 
Godless stream of souls. 
Abysmal thirst
or sheer force of will

could never serve,
and a lifetime too brief 
to drink deeply enough
to Live as or die to
this River.

seen and unseen, 

invisible realms of psychic River, 
eroding my imagined self.
Shame, turgid habits,
the relationship I have to
the things of this world;
all relinquished
with past and future
to a deluge of 
present moment; 
not past but through me, 
not beyond but in me,
a truth pledge, 
a promise 
of peace.