The Long-Drop

Piety shits on holy things:

Fuels rage and pronounces judgement on what is not yet understood,
Snatches greedily at the beautiful and mysterious 
With an avid hunger for status and control. 

Pay attention to those moments when you’re 'in the right'
Because this means someone, something, somewhere else, must be 'wrong'.
And you risk becoming a missionary attempting to convert the indigenous.

(Peoples who are bonded to the landscape in ways we cannot fathom,
Whose languages don't recognise 'I' or ‘you or me' or 'mine or yours';
Beings inhabiting LifeDeath/LightShade/BothAnd in every instant;
Vast entities of deep relationship beyond separation, 
Polar opposites and irreconcilable truths)

Pillars of society, appointed intermediaries of God, 
Political and educational figures, righteous activists, 
Humanitarian do-gooders and campaigners for equality:
Beware of occupying that same tower you're trying to topple: 

It's a long drop.